I am most in My element exerting My sadistic streak, playing with your mind and/or your body solely for My amusement. As a certified, practicing hypnotherapist, I’m drawn to exploring the odd workings of the mind. Not surprisingly, predicament play, role play, erotic hypnosis and other modes of mindfuckery are My passion and expertise, when it comes to intensifying your submission, your sensory experience and the overall energy during play.

Each session is unique, taking into consideration your interests and respecting your limits . However, if you usually expect your Mistress to work by a script created by yourself, outlining how you want Me to conduct a session, we probably won’t be a good match. It is vital to understand that during our session you will be here to please and amuse Me, and that you will come to Me in complete surrender. That said, I’m highly creative and greatly enjoy role play, from the classics – detainee – interrogation officer, captive- torturer , student- teacher – to the more unusual ones ( for example : the odd job interview, the tortured utility engeneer , and especially those where I can make a good use of my strap on).

Authenticity and genuine connection are integral in My personal and professional life. My interests vary and change over time, but I won’t do something that I don’t truly enjoy, as that will spoil the darkly magical and delightfully torturous energy I want to create. When contacting Me, do not ask Me what I’m into, rather tell Me more about your limits, interests and level of experience. This way , if our interests match, I will tailor the deliciously torturous experience that I will immerse you in.

My limits are : ( activities I do not do)

Sexual services- penetration, oral, handjobs, blowjobs etc

Bottoming/ Switching

Racial humiliation

Intimate body worship


Nudity on my behalf

Forced intoxication

Any activity involving non-consenting parties