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Do read My website to see if we are a good fit before you submit your initial application for domination session. Needless to say, I’m very selective about whom I session with, and I hope you are too. If we are not compatible the session will not happen.

If you are nervous because you are novice, understand that this is exactly the way you should be feeling – contacting professional dominatrix for the first time can be nerve-racking. The simplest remedy for that is to be polite when approaching Me and ideally book 2 hour session , so we can have a longer chat before we begin. For the interest and safety of all participating parties , fill in every section of the application form and be honest.

I do not accept last minute appointments. Regardless of whether you are novice or have booked professional dominatrix before, do not entertain the vexed urge for instant gratification and exercise patience . Meaning, book at least 10-14 days in advance.

50% non refundable deposit is required at the time of the booking .

My availability varies. At the moment I accept bookings between 11am and 7pm Saturdays to Wednesdays. Currently I’m taking bookings for 21st October and onwards. Occasionally I can accommodate appointments outside this time with additional tribute.

If you experience difficulties submitting the form, you can introduce yourself and provide the requested information by email .

For updates, follow me on social media.

To reiterate:

Tributes are non negotiable

50% deposit is required without exceptions

I do not tolerate anyone turning up intoxicated or on drugs

I respect your limits and expect you respect Mine. Trying to ‘renegotiate’ My limits before or during the session will only annoy Me – the session will be discontinued and your payment will be forfeited .